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 Site rules

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Ex-GB Staff

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PostSubject: Site rules   Thu Apr 08, 2010 1:54 pm

------------------------* Why we have these rules?-----------------------
Quote :
These established rules improve our forum. Some people may think that I have made rules to be mean (one even called me a tyrant). That honestly wouldn't make any sense at all. these rules are here to reduce the amount of forum trash we receive.

Some people will say that by banning them or forcing them to do certain things, I am restricting their "freedom of speech", so I also am explaining that being a member of this forum is not a right. people read the Bill of Rights or whatever you have in your country - they'll see that Freedom of Speech applies to the government, not an online forum.
------------------------* Short form of our rules (to get the basic idea)-
o What this message board is for?
Quote :
Well what kind of forum is it? gaming or anything that fits in a section.
o Keep your posts understandable (easily readable basically).
o Do what the moderators and administrators ask.
o Be courteous. Respect others. Argue with the post, not the poster.
o Please avoid apologizing for breaking rules.
------------------------* Long form of our rules----------------------------
o What to ask yourself before you hit the post button?
Quote :
* Have you used the Spell Check on your post? Even the administrators who have acceptable spelling use it.
* Have you reread your posts? Many times you will find small errors when you reread your posts.
* Are you contributing? If you are posting a question, did you provide information for us to help you? If you are posting a response, do you add something else to the discussion?
* If you are posting a question, has it already been answered? Try using the search feature to save everyone some time. Also try checking "sticky" topics, our website, and maybe you should even give Google a try.
* Will this post offend somebody? If it might, you should not post it. Offend-able posts can be anything from insults and flaming to profanity and graphic or explicit posts.
* Is this in the correct forum? We have multiple forums for a reason - they organize the discussion.
* Is this in the correct topic? Is what you are posting in the current line of discussion?
* Does your post violate any of our other rules? If it does, do not post it.
* Have you posted this elsewhere today? Have you posted many posts in total today? "Post-whoring" is making an unneeded amount of posts at one time - do not post more than is necessary.
o How to contact our forums team?
Quote :
Use email or PM
o How to report bad posts (and what not to do when finding one)
Quote :
PM a admin or mod and don't insult or bash leave it to the mods and admins to judge
o Information about your account (and why you can only have one)
Quote :
* If you lose your password, use the password recovery feature.
* If you would like to change your account's name, please ask an administrator.
* If you make more then one account please notify a admin so he can remove all but the one you wish to use and avoid doing this later on because it will result in a ban.
o Posting Rules?
Quote :
* Spelling and grammar must be acceptable
* Respect copyrights
* Post things in the correct forum
* Use capitalization correctly (no all caps)
* Do not reply to yourself unless it is a bump (use the edit button instead)
* One-line posts typically are bad, unless what is said is best said short
* Use punctuation and contractions correctly (no !!!!!!!! or Ill and Im)
* Post quality, not quantity
* Keep your posts on topic
* Use the search before asking a question
* Argue with the post, not the poster (arguments on topic are good, but between members they are bad)
* Do not post anything illegal, pornographic or anything questionable
* A forum isn't IM - write words out and avoid posting many replies to yourself
* Do not avoid the word filter
* Do not go overboard with the emoticons/smileys
o Why you should respect the moderators and administrators?
Quote :
because we will ban your butt lol naw but we will take action if you don't
o What punishment you will receive?
Quote :
if you read the sites TOS we have the right to report you to the police and/or your ISP also we will ban depending on your actions
o Your invitation to leave.
Quote :
if you can't follow these rules and the rules from the head admin below feel free to leave

****Rules From DZ (head admin)****
Quote :
The Site:
1. As you are a admin don' hack the site 4 ever IP-ban + account delete
2. Don't post VIP codes on your/other site 20 days IP-Ban
Quote :
1. As you are admin don't make other/friends members a higher rank with NO permission of the Head admin of the site (me, dragonzero) 10 days IP-ban + your rank is: Biggest Noob Ever
2. Don't bully people because you have a higher rank I will see how much people you have bulled etc.
3. Respect for other ranks
4. Don't abuse with any ranks!! IP-Ban
Quote :
1. Don't bully other members. I will look
2. Respect for other members.
3. Don't send a virus to another member. 4 ever IP-Ban
4. Hold the site clean.
5. Don't ask VIP cheats.
6. Don't curse other members. Depends
Quote :
1. Don't steal cheats from another coder. Acc-Ban
2. No porn or other links in the topic's. I will see
3. Don't set links from your/other site in your topic.
4. No Spamming.
Quote :
1. No porn picture's. IP-Ban
2. No dangers links. IP-Ban
3. No links from your/another site in your signature.

Any rule breakers WILL be dealt with by a admin.
Any rules that contradict another please let us know.
Any questions please ask me.

Last edited by Dark Reaper77d on Sat May 08, 2010 2:18 pm; edited 2 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Site rules   Fri Apr 09, 2010 2:48 pm

o man that i a lot of rule to follow but then again yes i follow it in order not to get in
any trouble
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GFX Team
GFX Team

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Location : Quebec

PostSubject: Re: Site rules   Sat Apr 10, 2010 3:22 pm

Well, that's kinda complete o.o
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PostSubject: Re: Site rules   Mon May 03, 2010 9:21 pm

i think those rules should be final. it's pretty complete, rationnal and fair . :p
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Ex-GB Staff

Posts : 555
Points : 1041
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Join date : 2009-10-31

PostSubject: Re: Site rules   Sat May 08, 2010 2:18 pm

The rules are final ~~closed~~
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PostSubject: Re: Site rules   

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Site rules
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